For over 15 years, we have advised industrial and commercial companies, insurers, and reinsurers, in the areas of Risk Engineering, Loss Control and Inspections.

Our team of professionals has conducted or prepared over 800 inspections and Engineering / Risk Management reports in more than 10 countries of the Region. This experience has not only ensured our understanding of the fundamentals of risk, but has also permitted a positive exchange of experiences that can be applied to new situations, enabling practical, high-level consulting.

The team is comprised of more than 20 professionals, experts in this specialized field, with academic training from recognized universities in Latin America and further specializations with reinsurers and other organizations in the USA and Europe. These professionals are also members of the following organizations, depending on their personal specializations: the NFP A, Colleges of Engineers, professional associations, and Boards of Directors of insurance and engineering companies.

Based on our experience as insurers in the Region, as consultants to industrial and commercial companies, and our constant analysis of the international reinsurance market, we have reached three conclusions of interest to companies in the Region:

a) "Information, knowledge, and risk management are the determinants of reinsurance PRICE, QUALITY and CAPACITY."

b) "A company's productivity, efficiency, and profitability are based on how it manages the risks that it faces, and its human resources, physical assets, and return on capital.

c) "Engineering and Risk Management are practices that are reinforced in highly - developed insurance markets and are fundamental factors in determining capacity for risk and where reinsurance has interest.

These practices should, therefore, be of interest to the insurance market and reinsurers in the Region, since they can improve conditions in limited-capacity markets. We must not forget that although we are small markets in terms of premium volumes; we are exposed to high loss levels due to the natural perils, political and technological conditions of our Region. As such, moving towards a framework that includes an assessment of Engineering and Risk Management, guarantees SAVINGS, IMPROVED SUPPORT, MORE CONTROL and EFFICIENCIES in terms of costs and protection."

We are an experienced team with technical and management knowledge of the realities of our Region and the requirements of the international market. We have training in PML, EML, NEC, NFP A, ASTM, OSHA and API Standards. We can advise you in a practical manner that is focused on optimizing the PREMIUM = RISK equation.


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