Based on our personal experience managing insurance companies in the Region, we identified the following need: "To have the opportunity to analyze specific, critical business issues with someone who knows what shareholders, partners, directors, competitors, reinsurers, suppliers, intermediaries and staff want and need, can share genuine and practical experience to help meet these expectations, and can contribute to ensure the company's success." Finding such a person enables Senior Management to obtain valuable feedback - including concepts, strategies, actions and experiences - from a professional who's only interest is the Company's and the Board's success.

Those responsible for results (profits), development, and the future of the company, can benefit from specialized and critical business insight only if it comes from someone with GENUINE EXPERIENCE, acquired while successfully operating and managing companies throughout the Region and interacting with international markets, and not from someone with only theoretical experience, acquired referentially or bibliographically, or from someone with experience in markets whose economic, political, social and cultural characteristics are completely different from those of the Region or country.

We are I&C, a group of professionals with over 25 years' experience operating and managing national and international insurance and engineering companies in the Region. Unlike other international consultants that offer services in the Region, we are insurers with practical knowledge of, and insight into possible solutions for, the operational, technical, administrative, commercial, financial and managerial issues faced by insurance companies. We speak the language of the industry, know the realities of the Region, and are conscious of the requirements of international reinsurers and insured alike.

In addition to experience managing national and international insurance companies in the Region, various members of our team have owned and operated their own insurance and engineering businesses for more than 25 years. We are an international consulting company that specializes in insurance.

Traditional consulting services offered in the Region essentially focus only on administrative issues such as costs, processes, and services. I&C goes beyond just offering practical advice on these issues, broadening the scope of analysis to include critical, specialized topics unique to the business, such as those listed under the heading "Reference Consulting Topics" on the following page. We invite you to browse this sampling of possible consulting topics and contact us so that we may carry-out our Corporate Mission for you.


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